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Who We Are

The Columbia Holocaust Education Commission Speakers Bureau is comprised of children and grandchildren of survivors, k-12 educators, university professors, and authors. Members teach students and adults by speaking in classrooms, religious and lay institutions, companies, and community venues. Through accounts of the Holocaust and genocide, students and adults learn about the importance of tolerance, embracing diversity, and combating hatred.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Commission is to promote awareness of the Holocaust and to foster education in grades K-12 throughout the state of South Carolina. It is the hope of the commission to inspire all South Carolinians to remember the Holocaust and the lessons that it has taught. Only through constant, vigilant, and accurate information, will the children of this state be able to fully comprehend the enormity of the lives lost and the aftermath of this dark period in World History.

Commission Meetings

The Columbia Holocaust Education Commission meets throughout the year. Grants are awarded by the Commission to those who propose a project or activity that is in line with our mission of Holocaust Education. The grants are evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Commission Members

Esther Greenberg


Patty Tucker


Lilly Filler, M.D.

Past Co-Chair & Founder of Columbia Holocaust Education Commission

Lyssa Harvey, Ed.S.

Past Co-Chair & Founder of Columbia Holocaust Education Commission

Frank W. Baker

Henry Goldberg

Dawn Miller Heineman

Justin Heineman

Donna Magaro

Henry Miller

Minda Miller

Marisa Kornblut

David Polen

Marlene Roth, M.A., M.Ed.

Doyle Stevick, Ph.D.

Abe Wandersman, Ph.D.

Rabbi Hesh Epstein

Chabad of South Carolina

Rabbi Erik Uriarte

Tree of Life Synagogue

Risa Strauss

Director of Education – Beth Shalom Synagogue

Seldon Smith*, Ph.D.


*Of Blessed Memory