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Teaching Resources

  • 2023 Holocaust Education High School Collection
  • Strom, Margot Stern. Facing History and Ourselves. Holocaust and Human Behavior. Brookline, MA, 1994.
  • Scher, Linda. South Carolina Voices: Lessons from the Holocaust. The SC Council on the Holocaust. Columbia SC, 1995
  • Echoes and Reflections. Teacher’s Resource Guide. USA. ADL, USC Shoah Foundation, Yad Vahsem. 2014
  • Stanger, Gail. Auschwitz Memories A Teacher’s Resource Guide. Annual Scholars Conference on The Holocaust and the Churches. Merion Station, PA 2004
  • Facing History and Ourselves, 2000
  • Echoes and Reflections. A Multimedia Curriculum on the Holocaust, ADL, USC Shoah Foundation, Yad Vashem, USA. 2005

Speakers Bureau

The Columbia Holocaust Education Commission Speakers Bureau is comprised of children and grandchildren of survivors, k-12 educators, university professors, and authors. Members teach students and adults by speaking in classrooms, religious and lay institutions, companies, and community venues. Through accounts of the Holocaust and genocide, students and adults learn about the importance of tolerance, embracing diversity, and combating hatred.


The “Holocaust Remembered” portable exhibit which can be viewed on site, on line or by power point can also be shown in your schools, churches, and/or clubs.

The permanent exhibit is now available for loan as a portable light weight option. This portable exhibit consists of 12 two sided stands with 2 panels per stand. Please review the loan form linked below. All forms must be completely filled.